Great things people are saying about Mrs. Bryant's™ Apple Sauces

"Wow!!! This is really good!"

"C'est trés bon!"

"This smells fantastic!"

"I ate an entire jar in one sitting!"

"I start my day with Mrs. Bryant's apple sauces!"

"I love, love, love your apple sauce!"

"The texture is pleasant, not runny or like baby food."

"I'm a diabetic - it's great that you have these no sugar added flavors."

"What a great gift – you need 7 flavors, so I can have a different flavor every day!"

"I love the balance of sweet and tart in the cranberry apple sauce!"

"The blueberry apple sauce is awesome! The blueberry taste really comes through."

"I made a pork roast with the cherry apple sauce glaze –

It was the best pork roast I've ever made."

"I don't like apple sauce – but I make an exception for Mrs. Bryant's."

"I like the fact that the apples are from Virginia. The native apple blends give a unique taste."

"This is incredible!"

"Your apple sauce is fabulous!"

Mrs. Bryant's Orchard Fresh Gourmet apple sauces, spice blends, gluten free cookies and gluten free breads, not to mention, the Nouvel Mellow Melt coffee marshmallows are terrific!

I am a long time gourmet home cook and the developer and manager of a farmers market -someone who looks for the best natural and organic products. Mrs. Bryant's applesauces – from the plain to the fruit mixed, such as the cherry and blueberry, are delicious. They all have a wonderful texture and fresh taste – like they were just picked in the orchard.

I recently tried the India and Louisiana (Bourbon Pepper) spice blends and they were a wonderful surprise; with a rich, savory taste and versatility. I used the Louisiana blend for a pork roast and also on grilled shrimp. Both dishes were enhanced by the spice blends. I used the India spice in a fall butternut squash soup and also as an ingredient on some crackers that I make from white corn tortillas. All were delicious and the spice blends gave depth and complexity to everything. It is difficult to find spice blends with the level of fresh, complex flavor that these have.

Recently I tried Mrs. Bryant's gluten free cookies and, I have to say, they are some of the best cookies I have eaten – crisp and full of flavor! I would recommend these to everyone – they make your realize how good gluten free can be!

I also love the Nouvel, Mellow Melt Coffee Marshmallows. I used them in hot mocha and as a special treat at the end of a day– and every time they are scrumptious – especially when added to the mocha!

Thanks, to Mrs. Bryant's, for a fabulous food experience!
MW – Newport News, VA

I discovered Mrs. Bryant's Orchard Fresh Gourmet Apple Sauce at a local Farmer's Market early in Summer 2009. After one taste I was hooked. I bought my first jar that first day and I have gone back just about every week thereafter. The apple sauce has a full bodied flavor that makes you feel like you just bit into a fresh, juicy apple. I love the little chunks of apple that just burst open with flavor as you eat it. I enjoy the original flavor which has a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon. It's like eating an apple pie. I introduced Mrs. Bryant's apple sauce to other family members and now it is a regular feature on our dinner tables. I am making sure I can still buy it after our Farmer's Market closes down for the summer season. I know I will never buy apple sauce in a grocery store again now that I have tasted this flavorful, all natural apple sauce. And I am going to try all the different flavors and other products too once I get my fill of my favorite!
SI – Virginia Beach, VA

Mrs. Bryant's Estate Fresh Gourmet Spice Blends & Rubs

"I put Mrs. Bryant's Africa spice blend in my meatloaf and it was unbelievable!!"

"My unexpected company was really impressed with the last minute dip made using Mrs. Bryant's Cuba spice blend and sour cream."

"I used the Louisiana spice blend on my pork tenderloin, glazed and dipped with Mrs. Bryant's cherry apple sauce and the flavor was out of this world. Then, I tried it on my roast beef with the blueberry apple sauce and was blown away."

"I use the Tour de Cuisine spice blends in place of salt and pepper."

"We experience a different regional flavor every night by adding Mrs. Bryant's Tour de Cuisine to our side dishes, especially potato, rice and pasta dishes."

"By adding the Tour de Cuisine to my soups, sauces and stews, I'm able to enhance the flavor without guess-work."

"After seeing Mrs. Bryant's gluten free honey herb bread made with the Tour de cuisine spices, I decided to try adding the spices to more of my baked goods and was pleasantly surprised."

"We replaced our salt and pepper on our table with the Africa spice."

"The Jamaican spices reminded me of the spices I had back home."

Mrs. Bryant's Gluten Free Bread Basket

"I loved the apple peel spice bread – I went home and ate the entire loaf in one sitting."

"The honey herb bread made with the France spice blend reminds me of homemade stuffing."

"I bought a couple of your breads last week and I'd like to buy all of your breads so I can give them as gifts."

"I made a turkey sandwich and used the cranberry apple peel spice bread – It was Thanksgiving dinner all over again!"

"I did a pork pull sandwich using the cherry apple peel spice bread – what a treat!"

"I used your breads for French toast – they were incredible!"

"My son loves a toasted cheese sandwich made with Mrs. Bryant's honey herb bread."

"What a great way to spruce-up toast – with Mrs. Bryant's apple sauce spread on her bread."

Mrs. Bryant's Gluten Free Cookie Jar

"What a cool idea – to incorporate three cookies in one! – it's all the cookies I love rolled into one."

"The three-in-one cookie is number one in my book!"

"The taste and texture of this cookie is fabulous!"

"I can't believe this is a gluten free cookie!"

"I like the three-in-one cookie dipped in coffee."

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