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Summer is here - that means you can find and taste Mrs. Bryant's Specialty Foods & Sauces at Port Warwick in Newport News, VA on Wednesdays; and on Saturdays at: Old Beach in Virginia Beach; St. Stephen's in Richmond; and Market Days in Yorktown.
We offer the same selections at our farmer's markets that also appear on this website.
We look forward to meeting everyone of you and making new friends. Read more...
Save energy and resources by making our coffee in large batches. Our unique roasting time, temperature,and blend allows you to make large amounts of coffee at one time, which can be chilled and stored in the refrigerator. We also suggest a way to save 20% of your coffee beans by re-using part of the grounds from the previous brew. Simply follow these easy instructions:
Iced or Hot: For gallon (18 cups), grind enough coffee beans to make 15 level teaspoons of ground coffee. Add 12 level teaspoons of freshly ground coffee to a drip coffee maker. Add 12 cups of water and brew. When coffee is finished brewing, place in an insulated or heat-stable pitcher. Remove of the grounds from the coffee maker and add 3 level teaspoons of coffee to the remaining grinds in the coffee maker. Add 6 cups of water and brew.
A single cup serving is 1 Tsp of ground coffee per 8oz cup of water.
Serve hot, with ice cubes, or add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato.
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Mrs. Bryant's Orchard Fresh Gourmet fruit blended apple sauces were introduced to every Whole Foods Market store in Maryland last week, completing the Mid-Atlantic Region. Mrs. Bryant's is now available at all Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia Whole Foods Market locations.

We will be in Northern Virginia this Friday conducting demos at the Reston, Tyson's Corner, and Alexandria stores.

We are pleased to inform everyone that Mrs. Bryant's Orchard Fresh Gourmet fruit blended apple sauces are now in all of the Whole Foods Markets in Washington, DC and Virginia. We had very successful demo/tastings at the Virginia stores on Saturday, April 24. We would like to thank Whole Foods Markets and their staff for their help during the demo/tastings and shelf re-stocking. Also, thanks goes to the Washington, DC Whole Foods Markets staff in helping us with our new product placement on their shelves. We would like to encourage our readers to visit the stores that carry our products. White_House_Blog

Also, while in Washington, DC, we had the opportunity to see the White House at night while President Obama was coming and going in Marine One (the Presidential helicopter).

Stay tuned-in to learn about our expanding locations.

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We would like to bring to your attention an article written by Heidi Stevens entitled, "Devils in disguise," which appeared in the Daily Press Saturday, April 10, 2010 Tribune Newspapers edition. In the article, Ms. Stevens states, "Some products seem healthful, but check the labels to be sure." She continues on to identify various issues that arise with labeling. In particular, she uses "chunky applesauce" as an example of a product that consumers are lured into purchasing because it has a low price and long shelf-life. She points out very clearly that this low price and long shelf-life are attributed to a "nutritionally vacant mush" which is flavored with "high fructose corn syrup".

Mrs. Bryant's Orchard Fresh Gourmet apple sauces are all natural, providing natural sources of calcium, magnesium, iron and fiber as well as vitamins C and K. We are able to achieve this because we cook our apples and fruits unpeeled so peels from the apples and the fruits remain in the sauce. Mrs. Bryant's apple sauces have only 3-5 ingredients, depending on the fruit blend. All of these ingredients are all natural, with no preservatives, no additives, and no sugar substitutes. We maintain this practice throughout our entire product line.

When you read the labels of our products, you will see that they are simple, clearly understood, and all of the ingredients are all natural or organic. We strive to make healthy, tasty, all natural wholesome food products that everyone can feel confident eating and for everyone to enjoy.

Ms. Stevens also gives examples of many other foods that appear to be healthy but, upon reading the label, are not. Examples included: V8, organic granola, honey roasted turkey breast, peach yogurt, baby Brussels sprouts and butter sauce, and organic ranch dressing. To read the article in its entirety, see the Saturday, April 10, 2010 edition of the Daily Press Life Health section.

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