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Virginia Gourmet is your shopping headquarters for the Fall - Stop in and shop.  See & taste what everyone is talking about - you will feel right at home eating our healthy, from-scratch, delicious local foods.  We have been busy cooking up soups from scratch and the fixings to go with 'em.  Enjoy our pumpkin & sweet potato soups.  Add Virginia Country Ham on Sweet Potato Rolls with a smear of Virginia Honey.  Do a little Fall shopping by adding:  Mrs. Bryant's Apple Sauces, Germany Spice, Cinnamon Nibs, Hot Cocoa, Sweet Potato Granola, Sweet Potato Crackers, Chilled Sparkling Ciders & Hot Cider made with Mrs. Bryant's England mulling spices.  Start thinking about the upcoming holidays - purchase your Virgina Petite Ham and a wheel of the Nun's of Crozet Gouda Cheese. 

Here's how Pumpkin Soup is made at Virginia Gourmet:

We start with fresh from the farm whole pumpkins - not that fake canned stuff.


We slice and remove the pumpkin seeds & pulp, cooking them down into a pumpkin concentrate.  We sprinkle Mrs. Bryant's Germany spice on the pumpkin halves and roast them in our oven.  We don't use spices filled with sugars, salts & MSG.  The aroma of pumpkin and spices permeate the whole building.


After the pumpkins have been roasted, we remove the skins and cube the pumpkins.  It is tempting to steal a cube or two!


We remove the seeds from our pumpkin concentrate and add the cubed pumpkin to the concentrate in the soup kettle.  The pumpkin seeds are prepared for oven roasting by misting them with Mrs. Bryant's Olive OIl Blend (using the Misto) and sprinkling them with Mrs. Bryant's DelMarVa spice blend (not Salt or Old Bay which is loaded with salt).  The pumpkin cubes get cooked down and pureed.


We add a little cream and the soup's ready to eat!


Delicious - you can really taste the pumpkin and the spices!

Cooking Tip - This soup is a lot easier to purchase already made from Virginia Gourmet than to make it yourself!

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