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We have arrived in San Francisco after having served our appetizers at the Agribusiness Legislative dinner in Richmond this past Thursday (January 14). Our appetizer menu selections included: Mrs. Bryant's Apple Peel bread topped with a spread made with cream cheese and Mrs. Bryant's Orchard Fresh Gourmet Blueberry Apple Sauce; Mrs. Bryant's Honey Herb Yeast Bread drizzled with Mrs. Bryant'sFresh Gourmet Oil Melange olive oil blend; and Mrs. Bryant's Peanut Pate Truffles. Everyone enjoyed our appetizers and we made a lot of new friends. The fact that our apple peel bread is truly a sustainable food is a big hit. The healthy attributes of our delicious tasting Oil Melange was well-received along with the delicious taste of the Honey Herb Yeast Breads. Our Peanut Pate Truffles, in particular, delighted everyone with the fact that something so healthy could taste so good. Now we are in San Francisco attending the Fancy Food Show. We will share our experiences with you in our future blog postings.

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