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Mrs. Bryant's Specialty Foods & Sauces is pleased to announce that our gourmet apple sauces are now available in Whole Foods in Virginia. The Charlottesville location had taken delivery of its first order of apple sauce prior to the last big snowstorm in December. On Thursday (Feb. 4), after delivering our apple sauces to the Richmond Whole Foods store, we continued on, despite news of an impending snow storm, to Northern Virginia to present our apple sauces to the remaining Virginia Whole Foods locations. Whole Foods, the all natural and organic supermarket, located throughout Virginia, continued to give a "thumbs-up" to Mrs. Bryant's Specialty Foods & Sauces Orchard Fresh Gourmet fruit blended apple sauces.WholeFoods

Our first stop was at the Alexandria location. We met with the grocery team leader and left samples of the apple sauces. From there, we moved on to the Arlington store. We spent the evening meeting with friends and colleagues from the Washington, DC area. They sampled and enjoyed our entire product line. The next morning, we proceeded on to Falls Church. As luck would have it, shortly after we were introduced to the grocery team leader, a customer came up to us and asked "where can I find applesauce?". We responded to her "right here" and invited her to taste our apple sauces. She asked us what we had and we replied, "a variety of local, all natural, some no sugar added, fruit blended apple sauces." When given the apple sauce, she first smelled it and then tasted it. Her face lit-up and she said, "Now, that's apple sauce. This is the way Motts used to be 50 years ago." She purchased the applesauce before it was place on the grocery shelf. Our next stop was the Vienna location. The parking lot was full so we had to park in a snowy, muddy lot nearby. We took our samples and proceeded to walk to the store. Once inside the store, as usual, we were greeted by a warm and friendly staff. From Vienna, we continued on to Reston. The snowfall was intensifying. At the Reston store we learned that, for the safety of their customers and employees, all Virginia Whole Foods stores would close at 4:00 PM and would not reopen until Sunday. Despite the terrible weather, we decided to continue on to the Fairfax location. By the time we wrapped things up at the Fairfax store, it was 2:00 PM. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and went on to the Springfield store. All of the stores were packed with customers who were stocking-up and getting ready to hunker down for the "historic" snowstorm.

Mrs. Bryant's Specialty Foods & Sauces would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Whole Foods for their wonderful hospitality and opportunity. We would also like to individually thank Whole Foods dedicated staff members: Christina, David, Travis,Valerie, Donna, Dan, Michael, Daniel, Hector, Ibrahini, Roman, Pa, Cara, Paul, Harvey, Christy, Ralph, Mbaye, Allen, Patrick, Drew, Sal, Eric, Sherlock,Venus, Sean, Ashley and Eric for their time, effort and assistance in helping us get our gourmet apple sauces in to their Whole Foods locations. After tracking over 1000 miles throughout our wonderful Commonwealth of Virginia, our gourmet fruit blended apple sauces are now available in Whole Foods throughout Virginia.

Mrs. Bryant's is proud to be available for purchase at Whole Foods, a grocery chain that is so health, environment, and charity conscious. This philosophy aligns well with that of Mrs. Bryant's Specialty Foods & Sauces which aims to provide tasty, healthy, wholesome, all natural foods for all to enjoy. Mrs. Bryant's supports a number of charities throughout the year and strives to be environmentally friendly.

Mrs. Bryant's is not finished yet. We would appreciate your help. Please purchase Mrs. Bryant's gourmet fruit blended apple sauces at your nearest Whole Foods location. If you cannot find the applesauce, simply ask for assistance. Our goal is to make Mrs. Bryant's Orchard Fresh Gourmet apple sauces available to everyone in every Whole Foods throughout the United States.

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