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Thanks to all of our friends, Facebook friends, neighbors and colleagues who attended our 2010 Holiday Gift Showcase. We all had a lot of fun.The purpose of our holiday showcase is to share our food creativity. For those who could not be here, we hope that this menu will give you some inspiration. All of the dishes that were prepared were simple, easy fixes when you use Mrs. Bryants ingredients. So, here is what we served:great_food_great_people

Culinary Dining Tour

First Stop: Cocktails (Available without alcohol.)

Vodka over Mrs. Bryant's Southern Peach Tea iced cubes.

Mrs. Bryant's England Spiced Warmed Cider with rum or in Sangria

Second Stop: Appetizers

Mixed vegetables and sour cream mixed with Mrs. Bryant's Spice Blends

Pesto dip of Mrs. Bryant's Oil Melângé and Italian spice on Mrs. Bryant's Italian Honey Herb Yeast Bread

Mrs. Bryant's Apple Bread

Mrs. Bryant's Cranberry Apple Sauce cream cheese turkey roll-ups

Third Stop: Soups & Salad

Mrs. Bryant's Beaucoup Soups: Moroccan Black Bean, Bombay Lentil, Mardi Gras Bean

Mrs. Bryant's Strawberry Apple Sauce Vinaigrette tossed with spinach and carrots

Fourth Stop: Entrees

Mrs. Bryant's Southern Peach Tea Jamaica Chicken

Mrs. Bryant's International Spice Blend Skewered Shrimp: Africa, Cuba, France, India, Jamaica, Louisiana

Mrs. Bryant's Mexico Nachos

Mrs. Bryant's Italy Steak

Mrs. Bryant's Blueberry Apple Sauce India chicken lettuce wrap

Mrs. Bryant's Cherry apple sauce Louisiana glazed pork tenderloin

Sides: Mrs. Bryant's Germany spiced sweet potatoes and squash, Mrs. Bryant's France Herb Rice, Sea Salt & Pepper Potatoes

Fifth Stop: Dessert & Beverages

Mrs. Bryant's Colonial Southern Pecan, Roasted Chestnut & Unflavored coffees

Mrs. Bryant's Fruit Blended apple sauce pies

Mrs. Bryant's Fruit Blended apple sauce sorbets

Mrs. Bryant's Peanut and almond butter truffles

Mrs. Bryant's Almond and Peanut butter cookies

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